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Today protocol is a consulting agency specialized in protocol and Soft Diplomacy. Established in Haarlem, it offers consulting, training and assistance in protocol and soft diplomacy in the Netherlands and abroad.

Our professionalism, integrity and knowledge providence the tools or working as a truly professional businessperson. Our goal is providing you with information and guidance using protocol-which are Necessary to Improve the performance, reliability and the image of your company in a natural way.

Protocol Today, it is a company, founded by Adriana Ficheroux Flores . She is an experienced consultant and an expert in the area of protocol. She has worked with numerous at distinguished people and companies in the Netherlands and abroad.

In a short period of time, the company HAS acquired followers in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Indonesia, Japan, India, Mexico, Colombia, Suriname, The United Arab Emirates, Thailand and South Africa.

It has bone present in different cultural and social events organized by various embassies located in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Today protocol HAS offered trainings and workshops not only in the field of protocol event organization, intercultural communication protocol but usefull for representatives of different companies in the Netherlands and abroad.

It has hosted social and cultural events for businessmen, businesswomen and Diplomats who represent various national and international sectors.

Additionally, this company HAS ook provided its services to internationally recognized companies and organisaties by offering consulting and Implementing Services in diplomatic and business protocol.

Protocol Today collaborates with ” The Art of Gift Giving ” which recommends gifts to Diplomats and businessmen, businesswomen Characterizing Their origin, quality and exclusivity. The gifts are provided by craftspeople and artists from different countries who have established Mainly used in the Netherlands. In this way we can Evaluate and Promote the traditions of different cultures from around the world.

It is a great honor to have an opportunity to share our experience with you, your embassy, ​​consulate and company.

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Adriana SHEET ROUX / FLORES is the founder and the executive director of Protocol Today and The Art of Gift Giving.

She is a specialist in Diplomatic and Business Protocol. She has a Masters in Arts of Protocol and Diplomacy Soft Skills.

Her postgraduate Protocol and Ceremonial Concluded at the International School of Protocol and Diplomacy-which is ook recognized at the University Miguel Hernández in Spain after having Realized different studies in this specialization in Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands.

She has previously worked as a protocol consultant at the Central Bank of Suriname (CBvS) at a presidential level by giving professional training to people in different fields and taking part in various events at a national and international level in Suriname.

She has worked for ambassador’s representatives in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. In Addition, She has years of experience as a hostess at the VIP Center at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and heating part in different events held there. She had the privilege of welcoming various national and international personalities zoals members of royal families, Diplomats and celebrities, political and religious leaders. She speaks Spanish , English and Dutch .

ADDIS Azelea M., ” The Art of Gift Giving ” Manager
Biljana SZUKÁGYI, Photographer
Carla Arzubiaga, Manager, Communication & Image Manager
Mako Yasuda, Writer and Editor [/ wr_text_block] [/ vc_column]

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Adriana is specialized in Diplomatic and Business Protocol

She has a Master in ” Arts of Protocol & Diplomacy Soft Skills ” and a Post Graduate in ” Protocol and Ceremonial ” won the ” International School of Protocol and Diplomacy ” in Brussels.

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” The outstanding knowledge of protocol and intercultural communication as well as her representative appearance make Mrs. Ficheroux’s work highly appreciated by our distinguished guests. The Central Bank of Suriname certifies That She is highly professional in demeanor, work with distinction and complete mastery and That She has a natural sense of dealing with people from all kinds of culture. ”

President of CBvS, Suriname

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Adriana Ficheroux speaks the Following languages:

  • spanish
  • english
  • Dutch
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“The embassy certifies That Mrs. Ficheroux / Flores HAS worked with distinction and complete mastery. She was very professional in dealing with people. ”

Embassy of the State of Kuwait, The Hague

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” Her outstanding knowledge of protocol and intercultural communication as well as her representative appearance and language skills make that Mrs. Ficheroux / Flores work is highly appreciated by our demanding clientele. Her work makes a difference in the high quality of service-which we Strive to deliver to our clients at the VIP center. ”

General Manager, VIP center of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

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” Mrs. Ficheroux / Flores was highly professional in dress and demeanor and Has A natural sense of dealing with people from all kinds of culture. ”

Embassy of Algeria, The Hague

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