Protocoltoday provides assistance and advice by offering private and public arrangements. We support you by looking into the needs of a company, consulate or embassy in order to give a better functionality and quality.

Training courses

During the training you will understand the importance of applying protocol and soft diplomacy skills at a company, consulate or embassy.  Implementing different protocol techniques will benefit you for realizing your excellent performances in the future.


We organize events for diplomats and companies of different sectors. We also promote diplomacy through social and cultural events for diplomats, businessmen and businesswomen of various sectors and nationalities.


Protocoltoday also works together with The Art of Gift Giving for recommending gifts to diplomats, businessmen, businesswomen and companies.

These gifts of The Art of Gift Giving are characterized by their origin, quality and exclusivity. They are provided by craftspeople and artists from different countries who have established mainly in the Netherlands. In this way we can evaluate and promote the traditions of different cultures from around the world.


We offer advice which is strategically combined training and courses for your company with external independent personalized trainings on the following areas:

  • Business protocol
  • Business gift giving protocol
  • Diplomatic protocol
  • Dinner protocol
  • Intercultural business protocol

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