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Over the course of the last years, protocol has become an essential tool and has played a major role at national and international stage.  It has been accepted in different industries as it offers better structures to various groups of people.  It also plays an important role in different public and private sectors, at events and ceremonies.  It has become more flexible and adapts to the changes of current situations and needs.

Protocol is the art of communication at a national and international level, taking care of the image and the identity of a person, a company and a country.  It utilises different types of communication, transmitted through symbols like flags and anthems, logo marks and uniforms.  History, politics, culture, traditions and religion have an influence on protocol.  Each country has its own rules which one has to consider and respect.

“Without protocol we would not be able to communicate with each other because of cultural differences.”

-H.E. Mr. Abdall Hamdam M. Ahmed


The ways of communication and the needs and expectations of people are changing in this globalized world.

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The knowledge about protocol is an important and a beneficial tool in a professional environment in order to maintain and improve relationships with clients and business partners.

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