Custom Designs

Exclusive designer gifts and on request

Each customer has a different story and a gift can tell a unique story, and when the gift we would like to give does not exist, Protocol Today works with you to design and create that special gift.

The works are designed and created by the artist and designer Eduardo Pérez who makes the gift with the unique style and with the message that you are looking to give.

Some of the gifts you can find are:

  • Commemorative coins

  • Trophy statuettes

  • Official distinctions

  • Event souvenirs

And a wide variety of themes representing:

  • Friendship
  • Strength
  • Tenacity
  • Courage
  • Etc.

We can make a 1 single 3d piece or we can make a production up to hundreds of the designed pieces.

Contact us to schedule an appointment and discuss your gift idea and details.

Carper Fish
Dutch horse
Media events
Commemorative coin
75 year Operation Market Garden

The designs presented here are subject to copyrights and their reproduction is not allowed by any means without the authorization of the author.

Twisting Chess

Chess with a twist

Is this a chess game?

Twisting Chess is a Chess variation of the classic  “Chess game”. Chess is a great  game, but to master it, you require lots of time and maybe years of practice and dedication, this can be for some players a barrier not to play it, and there fore some people can miss this fantastic game; and for new generations it is an step that they do not take to start learning it.

We like with Twisting Chess to create a game that uses the strength of Chess game and gives a surprise factor in order to have fun and erase some pre conceptions on the inaccessibility of the Chess game.

About the creators

Twisting Chess is been created by Jahn & Pérez.
Ramon Jahn and Eduardo Pérez, started creating a game that turned to be a variation of the chess, and is been presented international shows.
Original idea: Jahn&Perez,
Design: Laloberinto Art & Design
Production: De Tinnen Roos


Exclusive Twisting Chess on Metal pieces

It is known that the Chess game stimulate:

  • Creativity,
  • Brains capacity on both sides of the brain
  • It helps preventing Alzheimer
  • It enriches intelligence on different levels,
  • It helps on solving problems, plan and think in advance,
  • It helps on sharpen you memory and more benefits.

About the pieces:

  • The pieces are made of  Pewter, which is 100 procent recyclable.
  • The board is made of natural bamboo.
  • Made in the Netherlands.
  • Limited edition
  • The game is  delivered with a production certificate of origin.
  • Your company logo can be added to personalise your gift, upon request.

The gift contains

  • 40 metal pieces
  • 1 board made of bamboo
  • 2 extra boards of bamboo
  • 2 metal turning wells
  • 2 deice (d-10 and 10-8)