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Training programs

Licensed Practitioner Specialist from ProtocolToday Academy

Become a ProtocolToday © academy recognized specialist practitioner licensed to have the ability to empower local leaders and managers to function naturally around the world.

The ProtocolToday Licensed Practitioner Specialist program is designed to train you as a coach, becoming a competent specialist to empower other leaders in ProtocolToday’s Masterclass programs under the license and support of ProtocolToday Academy.

Key themes include:

  • PTA training model: a mental model for training performance;

  • Design of the process plan: alignment of mission, objectives and results;
    Process design to support a performance approach;

  • Self-awareness: identify/use your natural strengths;

  • Coaching skills and dimensions;

  • Expectations Management: Identify and quantify individual needs and identify where and how you will process them;

  • Learning and performance environment: an open, flexible, supportive and safe environment;

  • Professional aspects: ethics and coaching standards;

  • Pedagogical and didactic aspects: active listening, open and powerful questions, Socrates’ method, effective dialogues, multiple learning tools (explanation of concepts, questions, tasks, pair discussions and others.) And feedback techniques;

  • Monitoring plan.


ProtocolToday Academy Licensed Practitioner

Five days of the training program, including case studies and evaluations;

After the training, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of the content of the masterclasses;
  • Demonstrate facilitation skills through final assessment;
  • Deliver the training program and write the self-evaluation report for review, evaluation and feedback;

Successful participants:

  • They will receive an official PTA Practitioner certificate;
  • You will be named a licensed PTA professional on the ProtocolToday website.

To maintain the PTA license, graduates must:

  • Deliver at least one training program per year and submit a self-reflection report;
  • Participate in ProtocolToday’s feedback programs.


  • Existing trainers work with executives, managers, professionals, government officials, and others;

  • Image consultants;

  • Protocol professionals seeking to advance and update their professional credentials;

  • Individuals who want to start their own etiquette and protocol training business;

  • Professional corporate educators and coaches and trainers;

  • Executives are working in the private and public sectors.