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Twisting Chess
Cheez with a Twist. By Jahn & Pérez
We like with Twisting Chess to create a game that uses the strength of Chess game and gives a surprise factor in order to have fun and erase some pre conceptions on the inaccessibility of the Chess game.
Wine stoppers exclusive gifts
Ramo de Tulipanes
Wine stoppers are the ideal gift to honor our customers and our relationships with an exclusive piece designed for Protocol Today.
Exclusive and unique glass objects
Artist Oscar van der Linden loves art with a smile
Objetos de vidrio únicos hechos para adaptarse a ocasiones especiales.

The art of

The Art of Gift Giving & Gift Receiving In Business & Diplomacy “The smart way of building relations”

The Importance of Gift Giving

Gift giving and gift receiving are vital parts of the current modern era of building and maintaining professional (business) relations. It’s an expression of appreciation, goodwill and a tool to build professional ties. Gift giving is an appreciation for loyalty and an intelligent way to be in mind and sight of your special relations. A gift is a statement to your relationship: You are Important, We Appreciate You!

Giving a gift in business & diplomacy is considered a symbol of friendship, peace, and progress between two companies or countries.


We advise and guide exclusive business gift-giving to improve your company’s performance, reliability, image, consulate, or embassy in an authentic way. Our gifts are characterized by originality, quality, and exclusivity made and provided by artisans, artists, and others from different countries. Each customer has a different story, and a gift can tell a unique story. When the gift you would like to give does not exist, ProtocolToday works with you to design and create that special gift for an unforgettable and permanent experience to remember once in a lifetime

“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.”
Ben Carson

Gifts: “The art of giving”

Protocol Today offers your organisation the unique opportunity for exclusive gifts for your relations. We have access to exclusive gifts made by craftsmen and artists from different countries. Customisation takes place based on our knowledge about originality and culture.


Reasons to give a gift:

  • Visitor from company to company as business visit and bilateral relation;
  • To NGO’S sustainability;
  • For social happening for they own representatives for special occasions;
  • Anniversary gifts;
  • By companies to ambassadors and diplomats;
  • To speakers at conferences;
  • Other special occasions.


Reasons to give a gift:

  • By embassies for visitor as representatives of companies and institutions;
  • For social happening for they own representatives for special occasions;
  • National day’s gifts;
  • To speakers on conferences;
  • Other special occasions.


Exclusive gifts

Exclusive and unique glass objects

Unique glass objects
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Custom Designs

Exclusive designer gifts and on request Each customer has a different story and a gift can tell a
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Twisting Chess

Chess with a twist Is this a chess game? Twisting Chess is a Chess variation of the classic 
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Wine toppers exclusive gifts

Wine toppers
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