VIP Special Edition
Navigating smoothly around the world

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Welcome to VIP Special Edition

 It is a great honour to present the new section VIP Special Edition of Magazine Global Mindset, “Navigating smoothly around the world”. Magazine to reach and connect executives, diplomats and students.

This VIP Special Edition will find exclusive interviews with outstanding and internationally successful entrepreneurs and excellencies.

In Magazine Global Mindset, you will also find articles by our international writers specialising in Protocol, Diplomacy, Cultural Intelligence and Etiquette, and being the best place to promote your company internationally. At ProtocolToday, the Netherlands, we work with high-level international standards.

“We are a capacity development company connecting values, cultures, organisations, individuals and societies around the world.”

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“Somos una empresa de desarrollo de capacidades que conecta valores, culturas, organizaciones, individuos y sociedades en todo el mundo”