Success is related to the conclusion of notable professional performances in our society. Consequently, there is a perception that it should be reflected in the possession of material goods, status, power, fame, and other components. For this reason, it is convenient to develop a discrepant notion.

It is common to meet people -of all ages, origins, and conditions- who work, save and struggle to achieve it. There is the mistaken impression that Success is distant, unattainable, and, by the way, is associated with comfort and social prestige.

The prosperous Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim Helú -one of the richest men in the world- offers an interesting, simple, and different appreciation: “Success has nothing to do with what many people imagine. It is not due to the noble and academic titles, nor to the inherited blood or the school where you studied. It is not due to the dimensions of your house or how many cars fit in your garage. It’s not about whether you’re a boss or a subordinate; or if you are a prominent member of social clubs. It has nothing to do with the power you wield or if you are a good administrator or speak beautifully if the lights follow you when you do it. It is not because of the clothes or if you put the dazzling acronyms that define your social status after your name. It’s not about whether you’re an entrepreneur, speak multiple languages, or are attractive, young or old.”

Likewise, in his letter to the university community (1994), he presents a profound and truthful reflection: “… Success is not doing things well or very well and having the recognition of others. It is not an external opinion; it is an internal state. It is the harmony of the soul and its emotions, which needs love, family, friendship, authenticity, integrity”.

From my point of view, the compliments, promotions, and distinctions received at a professional and work level are not always synonymous with Success. Relating it to the external is a mistake. Its full achievement is observed in the inner world of each one of us. In our personal, spiritual being and, therefore, in the attitude assumed towards life.

I like the words of the Mexican intellectual José Luis Barradas Rodríguez: “Being successful in the little things you do lifts your spirits and self-esteem and prepares you to be successful in the big things you do.” There is the central point of my reflection. Victory begins with achievements and conquests forged by perseverance and commitment inspired by self-esteem.

Purify the internal sphere of fears, suspicions, obstinacy, grudges, complexes, and negative feelings that contaminate the positive vision of tomorrow and, therefore, slow us down. Let us be able to carry out an intense internal cleaning to achieve our development and growth.

Let us avoid worrying about the external, as is usual in third-world societies. An expert with outstanding academic degrees, a good salary, car of the year, large credit cards, the latest fashions, and a member of representative social clubs, yet overwhelmed by hatred, conscience, prejudice, frustration, and family heartbreak. , etc. Will it be successful? Those who do not know the details of their sphere could probably envy their “success.”

Let’s avoid placing this qualification on a mortal only because of his labor and economic merits. Let’s look beyond what is related to work to assess other areas -we do not perceive with the naked eye- and judge what has been achieved by our peers. Let us be diligent and profound in our observations. Also, let’s take what they can make us believe about our supposed triumphs with serenity.

On more than one occasion, I think of its complex definition. Each one has, with all rights, their evaluation and interpretation that is reflected in the actions destined to achieve Success. One man may believe that Success has a job, another being a general manager, and a third becoming the company’s owner. What is questionable is necessarily “uniformizing” Success with the superficial, material, and monetary, without considering what life offers to achieve personal improvement beyond competitiveness in the labor market.

A few weeks ago, two of my students from the San Ignacio de Loyola Institute (ISIL), Allinson Liza and Fiorella Larrea -students full of commitment, talent, hope, goodwill and who feed our illusion in teaching- asked me: Which do you think What is the factor for Success? I answered: “I believe that Success is in a sum of small details. If they remember her when she leaves; if you leave a positive mark in this life; if along its path it shed seeds and others picked them up; if more people consider you their friend than those who you suppose to be their friends; if he manages to get up every day with a clear conscience, exhibiting clean hands and pockets; if you have inner peace and enjoy your work, you are successful. In such a way that my definition differs from the one that, by custom, is had in our environment”. Welcome Success, dear reader.




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Writer by Wilfredo Peréz, teacher and consultant in organizing events, protocol, professional image, and social etiquette.

31 May 2022,  Peru 

Category: Business Etiquette 

Reference: WP31052022BE    Photography: Aziz  Acharki

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