9 – 10 December 2021

International Protocol & Soft Diplomacy Conference. 


Your presence has made a difference and has been forever sealed in our history!

We would like to thank you for embracing the mission of protocol and diplomacy during the International Conference (online) on Flexible Protocol and Diplomacy on December 9-10.  The first of its kind organized by ProtocolToday in the Netherlands. Thank you to all the representatives of international companies, embassies represented in Mexico and the Netherlands, ministries, students, and universities. Thank you for your support and cooperation to our international speakers, moderators, master of ceremony, journalists, Diplomat Magazine EU, ICPD, Enlazadot, and Magazine Global Mindset.   


  • Prof. Dr. Dewanand Mahadew, Managing director of NewEconomyStrategies, The Netherlands. 
  • Hon.Patricia Kenneth-Divine, Director, International Centre for Protocol and Diplomacy, UK. 
  • Elizabeth Soos, Director of ASE Auersmont School of Etiquette, Australia.
  • Ibrahim Yildirim, BSc, DEIK Turkey Peru Business Council Chairman, Turkey. 
  • René Spaan, BSc, Smart Mobility project leader, The Netherlands. 
  • Lic. Héctor G. Pérez, Presidente de la Cadena Empresarial Enlazadot, México.
  • Lic. Gerardo Correas Sánchez, Presidente del grupo EIP, Spain.
  • Prof. Lisando Montero, Conferencista en Relaciones Públicas, Argentina.
  • Mtra. Adriana Flores,Experta en Protocolo & Diplomacia, y fundadora de ProtocolToday, The Netherlands.

Thank you! 

ProtocolToday Team

Thank you for all your compliments!

Dear Ms. Flores,

I would like to compliment you and your colleagues on the successful and very interesting conference yesterday! It was great to see you online along with so many other interesting participants and speakers. Thank you for inviting the Australian Embassy to this event.


I really loved every minute. All presentations were great and it was so good to see so many colleagues from different countries. It was a great honor to be there. Thank you once more for your valued invitation to me to this event. Warm regards from The Netherlands. 

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