The respect and interest we show for the customs of a foreign country can become the easiest way to reach a good agreement. The protocol in companies is essential for commercial relations with foreign companies and officials, so the points to be considered within a business trip to another country by the senior managers of a corporation will be exposed in this article.

The success of commercial transactions depends to a greater extent on the ability to adapt and respect the original customs of the business people with whom we will meet. Therefore, the following points will be analyzed, which are vital for the interrelation with other cultures in the field of the company and the business:

The company, understand who we are as a company, and know the mission, vision, and values of the corporation to visit.

Nature of the trip, it is essential to know the purpose of the trip, if it is to close an agreement, exchange knowledge, a courtesy visit, etc. Depending on this information, we will proceed to organize the trip.

Initial budget: It is necessary to consider the initial budget available for the organization’s development and execution of the trip to avoid overdrawing or having a tight budget.

Date and duration of the trip, knowing the dates and space of the trip are of great importance to set the budget, activities, procedures, necessary documentation, logistics, and recommendations of the expedition of senior managers.

Calendar of holidays, knowing the holidays or non-working days in the city where the meetings or activities are held will allow you to go on working or not working days so that time will not be wasted and the hours that the stay lasts will be maximized.

People who travel and how many members the expedition will have it’s other valuable points when working on the preparations for the business trip, to obtain budgets, hotel reservations, the purchase of plane tickets, the number of meetings, etc.

Necessary documentation, for every trip, it is important to see the papers and documents that will need to be presented in the city where the event takes place. In addition to the COVID biosecurity protocols for entering a new country.

Knowing what procedures to carry out and executing them in advance will prevent you from having a wrong time or unnecessary anguish in the fight against the clock to complete any procedure.

Insurance and coverage, it is better to have insurance than to lack one; therefore, it should be considered which insurance and coverage are best suited to the travel times, the destination, and the passengers of the expedition.

Accommodation: The Hotel must be appropriate to the image we intend to give, be strategically located, easily accessible and have the necessary services to hold meetings and gatherings.

The Hotel must have a privileged location and be close to several restaurants and facilities.

A booklet with hotel information must be provided to managers, which must have the following information: Hotel name, address, telephone number, room number, and type of room. Also, provide a hotel location map.

In addition, information will be provided to the Hotel if the company directors have food intolerances or special diets for adequate attention to senior officials.

Agenda, each manager will be given a folder in the central office that will contain the detailed program of the business trip, a cultural dossier with information about the city, and a booklet with contact numbers for the emergency meetings. In addition to this, the number of the head of the company’s Protocol cabinet will be provided, where they can contact the company if it’s necessary.

The itinerary is the detailed set of activities carried out during the expedition’s stay.

All these points mentioned are helpful in the field of business protocol. Corporate behavior codes reinforce the company’s image.

Adaptation, respect, and interest in the customs of the interlocutors can achieve a good agreement.

In the second part of this article, relevant issues will be addressed when developing the trip and using the protocol in business management.




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Writer by Jorge Prado, Specialist in Protocol and Events

18 June 2022, Peru

Category: Business Protocol 

Reference: JP18062022BP

Photography: Eva Darron    

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