Become a Protocoltoday Licensed Practitioner with the capabilities to empower local leaders and managers to operate around the globe.

5 days training program* Teaching/learning takes place on the Action Learning Model. This learning concept requires the active and interactive participation of participants. In a logical sequence, several topics are discussed through the integration of theory, cases, and assignments, enabling participants to develop a sound understanding of the underlying concepts and to share experiences.

The PTA concluded with an integrated (personalized) assessment. It is delivered at EQF 7 level (EU Qualifications Framework, master level) and is based on the five Dublin descriptors (EU criteria for Higher Education).

Day 1: Become a PTA Qualified Trainer
The PTA coaching concept is based on the philosophy to move from Learning to Performance. It is designed to enable you, as a trainer, to successfully deliver business and performance impact in your role as trainer and consultant.

Day 2 – International Business Etiquette
Relations in business and social domains are easier if the concerned individuals are perceived as trustworthy, respectable, and have proper business etiquette.

Day 3 – International Business Protocol
In today’s global economy and cross-border operations, there is an increasing need for understanding diplomatic protocol and making the right impressions.

Day 4 – International Cultural Intelligence
The globalization of business around the world demands leaders, managers, and executives to deal with the complexities of merging corporate cultures as part of leadership, co-creation, production, marketing, planning, decision-making, recruitment, and task assignments.

Day 5 – Dine like a Diplomat. Study case

Good dining skills are a must when conducting business abroad or entertaining international clients in your own country. Table manners (or lack thereof) can have an impact on how individuals, and the companies they represent, are perceived.

Day 5 – Assessment
Demonstrate understanding of the content of masterclasses;
Demonstrate facilitation skills through capstone assessment;
Deliver training program and write self-evaluation report for review, assessment & feedback;

For more information about the content of the masterclasses:

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