17 September 2021

Time: 16:00 – 18:00 hrs. CET The Netherlands

Free entrance!


 Presentation of the new Logo as new identity and Magazine Global Mindset Skills “Navigating smoothly around the world” The Netherlands.

Let’s celebrate together!

On 17 September, we will present you with the new logo with the new identity, the digital Magazine Global Mindset© The Netherlands in English and Spanish, aimed at businessmen, diplomats, businessmen, consultants, and students who aspire to careers in cross-border operational organizations. , and we will also introduce you our writers who are students from the ProtocolToday academy and experts in different areas and from different countries, who are participating in this important international project.

We are honored to share with you our guests:

  • Writers;
  • Eduardo Pérez, Architect, designer, and artist;
  • Our special surprise guest who will present Magazine  Global Mindset, The Netherlands
  • The ProtocolToday directive.


Government Representatives: Ambassadors, Diplomats, Honorary Consuls & Embassy Staff;

Business Professionals: Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Business Development Professionals;

Executives & Professionals: National & Local Government’s Officials, City Marketing & Investments Promotion Executives | International Organizations Staff;

Professionals are active in the Hospitality & Tourism Industry.

Students who aspire to careers in cross-border operational organizations.

We invite you to be with us, your presence will make a difference and will be forever sealed in our history!

How to Apply: Complete and submit the registration form, specify the date and name of the event to confirm your seat. You will receive the zoom link one day before the presentation.

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