ProtocolToday is a capacity development company specialises in connecting values, culture throw soft power en protocol based on understanding of the use of soft and hard power in de public and private sectors around the world taking care of the imago to work in a natural way. ProtocolToday enables organizations, embassies and individuals to meet the needs and expectations at national and international stages in public and private sectors. Our masterclass training programs enable your staff to represent themselves and the organization with excellence and distinction.

All our programs and services are designed to share tailored information and “bridge” gaps.

Our clients are: ambassadors, diplomats, embassy staff, consulates, honorary counsels, government officials, and employees/managers of international organizations, entrepreneurs, directors, managers, public relations staff, protocol officers, board members, consultants and other professionals active in the international domain.


The advancements in modern communication, such as emails and social media, have made protocol and soft diplomacy even more relevant, as these skills are essential in creating differentiation, appeal and making deep impacts on stakeholders. For these differentiations it is important to train the staff through customised programs and enhance their cultural sensory and soft diplomacy skills.

Soft diplomacy moves through a continuum – from a strategy of coercion, to non-confrontational action. It relies on consultation, mediation, negotiation and an acknowledgement of the important role of values, culture and ethics in inter-personal relations.

Therefore, our trainings in protocol and soft diplomacy skills are geared at helping professionals to develop skills in effective cross-cultural communication, tactful social interactions, keen observation and effective public relations.

Our programs include awareness about the sociology and anthropology of people of different regional and cultural groupings, to ensure understanding of empathy, cultural sensitivity, ultimately and creation of delightful interactions.

  • Build the right images and perceptions about your nations and its qualities;
  •  Facilitate process for Twinned Cities with Dutch cities;
  • Be instrumental in building business and cultural relations;
  • Organize events that create impact and experience;
  • Be the soft engine (first impressions) connecting stakeholders from your country with Dutch stakeholders.

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Protocol Today
Contact person: Adriana Flores
Telephone: +31 0000000 000
Linked in: Protocol today


The world is changing faster than ever before in the past. At the moment we are all posing new challenges than any other generation has faced, with Covid-19 around; it’s imperative we evolve faster and adapt robust ways of working, connecting, and interacting with people not just nationally but internationally.

Hence, it’s important for Entrepreneurs/Executives/Diplomats and everybody else who is willing to create their presence internationally must possess and showcase a growth mindset that is more global. Working with people from different cultures/countries necessitates additional skills. To consummate important business deals, projects that need international funding, government projects, and everything else that is directly or indirectly requires interacting and exchanging ideas with people from diverse cultures that is not from your own; requires extra abilities.

Something that seems appropriate and graceful in one culture could mean the opposite in another culture. For e.g. presenting a Chrysanthemum flower bouquet exhibits loyalty and devoted love in Japan, In America it symbolizes longevity and joy, in Europe, it is associated with death. Therefore, being aware of differences in cultures, learning a few words of the local language or any distinctive characteristics of those countries/cultures will help break barriers; build strong and long-term allies around the world.

While understanding elements of Cultural Intelligence helps build bridges, it’s important to also showcase the best of our manners and etiquette, refined communications skills, follow proper Protocol and appear elegant/ classy to create that first and everlasting impression on others. One must always remember we are not only presenting ourselves but representing our company and country.  Based on which other people will make impressions about us. A positive impression could lead to meaningful associations and can open doors for bigger opportunities.

ProtocolToday is an expert organization, Founded by professionals with years of experience in Cultural Intelligence and Soft Diplomacy. They offer well-researched training programs to help you prepare for the international presence. Enhance your abilities to dine, converse, and present at an international stage.

Become discreet and make your mark!

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Self-reflection written by Kruti SHAH, licensed Global Mindset skills trainer in India for ProtocolToday Academy

01 May 2021, INDIA

Category: Cultural Intelligence 

Reference: KS010521IC

ProtocolToday is an expert organization, Founded by professionals with years of experience in Cultural Intelligence and Soft Diplomacy. They offer well-researched training programs to help you prepare for the international presence. Enhance your abilities to dine, converse, and present at an international stage.

Become discreet and make your mark!

Twisting Chess

Chess with a twist

Is this a chess game?

Twisting Chess is a Chess variation of the classic  “Chess game”. Chess is a great  game, but to master it, you require lots of time and maybe years of practice and dedication, this can be for some players a barrier not to play it, and there fore some people can miss this fantastic game; and for new generations it is an step that they do not take to start learning it.

We like with Twisting Chess to create a game that uses the strength of Chess game and gives a surprise factor in order to have fun and erase some pre conceptions on the inaccessibility of the Chess game.

About the creators

Twisting Chess is been created by Jahn & Pérez.
Ramon Jahn and Eduardo Pérez, started creating a game that turned to be a variation of the chess, and is been presented international shows.
Original idea: Jahn&Perez,
Design: Laloberinto Art & Design
Production: De Tinnen Roos


Exclusive Twisting Chess on Metal pieces

It is known that the Chess game stimulate:

  • Creativity,
  • Brains capacity on both sides of the brain
  • It helps preventing Alzheimer
  • It enriches intelligence on different levels,
  • It helps on solving problems, plan and think in advance,
  • It helps on sharpen you memory and more benefits.

About the pieces:

  • The pieces are made of  Pewter, which is 100 procent recyclable.
  • The board is made of natural bamboo.
  • Made in the Netherlands.
  • Limited edition
  • The game is  delivered with a production certificate of origin.
  • Your company logo can be added to personalise your gift, upon request.

The gift contains

  • 40 metal pieces
  • 1 board made of bamboo
  • 2 extra boards of bamboo
  • 2 metal turning wells
  • 2 deice (d-10 and 10-8)


Date: 30 October, 2020
Location: The Hague, The Netherlands

Time: 9:00–13:00hrs

Our training programs enables executives to represent themselves and their organisation with excellence, distinction and capabilities to bridge cultural and diplomatic gaps.

Target audience:

  • Ambassadors, Diplomats, Honorary consuls;
  • Government officials, PR staff, protocol officers, board members;
  • Employees/managers of NGO’s and international organizations;
  • Business executives & Entrepreneurs.

Key topics:

  • Dutch soberness: “Doe Normaal”;
  • Business communication in The Netherlands;
  • Business card Protocol & Etiquette
  • Practices: punctuality and introductions;
  • Relations management: body language, handshake and networking


Date: 25 March | 21 April | 26 Mei | 29 June

Mode of Study: Online
Language: English
Time: 10:00 – 14:00, CET The Netherlands
Fee: one session € 90,00

Good dining skills are a must when conducting business abroad or entertaining international clients in your own country. Table manners (or lack thereof) can have an impact on how individuals, and the companies they represent, are perceived.

This masterclass will reinforce your talents and provide valuable skills to enable you to master the appropriate skills in dining with executives from around the world, including host and guest duties, styles of eating, host duties, mingling proficiency and creating appropriate conversations.

This masterclass uses discussions and a three-course meal to impart the knowledge and skills needed in a variety of dining situations.

Key topics include:

  • Protocol to make invitations, extending, accepting and cancelling an invitation;
  • Receiving of guests: what should you do at the receiving line?
  • Host duties and his protocol;
  • Organizing a proper business luncheon;
  • Select restaurant and the table setting, hospitality and protocol aspects;
  • Seating guidelines: correct seating for a business meal;
  • Dining table protocol & etiquettes;
  • Formal toasting: when and how?
  • Styles of eating;


30th July, 2020
Mode of Study: Online
Language: English
Time: 9:00 – 12:00, CET
Fee: one session € 90,00, four session € 320,00 (excl. tax)

The globalisation of the world demands leaders, managers and executives to deal with the complexities of merging corporate cultures as part of leadership, co-creation, production, marketing, planning, decision-making, recruitment and task assignments.

The Masterclass International Cultural enables participants to obtain an understanding of the power and dimensions of cultures. It elaborates on the impact of cultures on negotiations, team work, contracting behaviour and management issues.

A core element of the masterclass is the Lewis Model, based on research analysis of the impact of culture in 135 countries. This model argues that humans, from any country in the world, can be divided into three clear behaviour-related categories: linear-active, multi-active and reactive.

Key topics include:

  • Cultural intelligence;
  • Emotional intelligence
  • The Power of Culture in Business
  • Dimensions of cultures;
  • Intercultural & multicultural;
  • Mindfulness;
  • Analysis of cultures and impact on professional behaviour;
  • Commonalities between different cultures;
  • Cultural communication context
  • Non-verbal communication differences
  • Power distance
  • Problems solving & decision making
  • Conflict/negotiation style
  • The model of Lewis;
  • Using the Lewis model to manage your international teams.
  • Effective collaboration
  • Strategies


24th July, 2020

Mode of Study: Online
Language: English
Time: 9:00 – 12:00, CET
Fee: one session € 90,00, four session € 320,00 (excl. tax)

In today’s global economy and cross border operations there is an increasing need for understanding diplomatic protocol and make the right impressions.

Protocol is knowing how to be comfortable and at ease, empowered with confidence and authority to make others feel truly welcomed and comfortable. It is about creating the right environment for business and making impact while maintaining courtesy and politeness in international affairs; meetings with ambassadors, government officials, international organisations, multinationals, corporations and companies.

Key topics include:

  • International protocol and soft diplomacy;
  • Enhanced personal, professional image, first impressions;
  • Corporate and diplomatic communication skills;
  • Business communication with partners from all over the world;
  • Strategies to gain an international edge;
  • Flags;
  • Protocol in the car;
  • Seating protocol by meeting;
  • Importance of rank & status;
  • Make an effective entrance & mingle;
  • Gift giving etiquette & protocol.


Date: 23 July, 2020
Mode of Study: Online
Language: English
Time: 9:00 – 12:00, CET
Fee: one session € 90,00, four session € 320,00 (excl. tax)

Relations in business and social domains are easier if the concerned individuals are perceived as trustworthy, respectable and having proper business etiquettes.

To achieve a professional image, it is important for executives to understand the different types of personalities, nationalities, cultures and the associated etiquettes and manners.

The three components of business etiquettes (appearance, communication and behaviour) are at the core of this masterclass.

Interactions, such polite greetings, courteous conversations and active listening have an important impact on how you’re being perceived by others. Knowing how to make a great first impression, how to dress appropriately, read body language, etc. helps you to present yourself in an impactful way.

Key topics include:

  • Business card protocol & hand shake;
  • Business customs & terminology;
  • The art of conversation both in person and on phone;
  • Hoe to dress appropriately, personal style and its influence on your communication;
  • The right way of behaving online in a business context;
  • International Business Etiquette;
  • Dealing with ethical dilemmas, personal issues, and difficult people;
  • Polished diplomatic and formal social etiquette;
  • Dress-code: Formal and informal dress.